2022 congresses



The First international virtual congress about Passive Orofacial Myofunctional Rehabilitation.

26 lectures about Froggymouth from 12 countries, live translated in 🇺🇸 🇫🇷 🇪🇸 🇮🇹 🇷🇺

Congrès de l'AIOF 2022 🇫🇷
📍 Deauville
Congrès de l'AIOF 2022 🇫🇷
📍 Deauville
Congrès de l'AIOF 2022 🇫🇷
📍 Deauville
Congrès de l'AIOF 2022 🇫🇷
📍 Deauville

2021 congresses

Click on the Frog to experience the event with us again and access our specific documentation & videos:

🆕 « Discover Froggymouth » documentation & 3″video

🆕 Scientific file: Papers, clinical cases, studies, lectures, books

✅ Watch Dr Fellus 90 minutes Masterclass: « how to use Froggymouth ? »

✅ Get the Protocol for using the device & the Protocol for your patients

ADF 2021 🇫🇷
Journées de l'Orthodontie 2021 🇫🇷
Journées de l'Orthodontie 2021 🇫🇷
Journées de l'Orthodontie 2021 🇫🇷

Découvrez la documentation des JO et de l’ADF 2021

🆕 Découvrez Froggymouth en 3 points : le flyer 

🆕 Dossier scientifique : publications, études cliniques, cas cliniques, conférences.. pour découvrir ou redécouvrir en intégralité le concept Froggymouth

✅ Visionnez la conférence du Dr Fellus sur la rééducation fonctionnelle passive, pour les chirurgiens-dentistes & orthodontistes

✅ Recevez le protocole d’utilisation du Froggymouth pour le praticien et pour le patient 

Froggymouth is exhibiting, lecturing or organising congresses since 2015

On this page you can have an overview of some of the congresses where Froggymouth France was exhibiting and Dr Fellus, inventor of the Froggymouth, has been invited for lecturing. The Covid Pandemic has interrupted our physical presence in congresses, but not our passion and desire to spread the Froggymouth concept worldwide.

This resulted, during the year of the Pandemic, in participation in 10+ online international & national congresses, 5 Webinars for international associations and also, ONE 90 minutes masterclass explaining the entire concept from 0. 

Webinar are not listed in this « congress page » but are available here.

2020 international congresses

2020 French congresses

Dr Fellus founded the French Paediatric Orthodontic Society in 2010. In 2020, his son Guillaume Fellus was elected executive director of the Society by the counsel of the society. A few months later, he was organizing the 1st SFOP online congress, with 2500+ health professional participating during the 2 days of conferences. 

Speech therapists are in France the specialists of myofunctional rehabilitation. Having the opportunity to treat young patients, they are absolutely essential to early treatments in orthodontics. 
After UNADREO congress, Dr Fellus decided to organize with speech therapists, a 4 hours training session on Froggymouth. Watch here (French langage).

UNADREO online congress 🇫🇷
Dr Fellus introducing for the first time his Passive rehabilitation approach at UNADREO congress, the French leading association in research in speech therapy.

2019 congresses

IDS KÖLN 2019 🇩🇪
The Froggymouth team was exhibiting for the first Time under Pavillon Business France. Come to see us at 2021 edition !
EOS Nice 2019 🇫🇷
European Orthodontic Society annual congress in Nice
Journées de l'Orthodontie 2019 🇫🇷
FFO - Fédération Française d'Orthodontie

2018 congresses

AAO washington congress 🇺🇸
First participation of Froggymouth at AAO congress
New York Dental Meeting 🇺🇸
Second participation of Froggymouth at NYDM
SOBOR meeting 🇧🇪
The Belgium Association of Orthodontics invited Dr Fellus
Journées de l'Orthodontie 🇫🇷
EuroSciCon congress Edinburgh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
CIFO congress Marrakech 🇲🇦

2017 congress

2nd AAMS congress chicago 🇺🇸

2016 congress

Journées de l'Orthodontie FFO 2016

2015 congress

New York Dental Meeting 🇺🇸
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